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Shipping Policy

The Bead Store uses Canada Post to ship packages all over Canada and the United States. We Offer international Shipping (arraignments must be made by calling 1 403 454 4544).

We are Host to thousands of products. Not all products are in stock all the time; every effort will be made to get you the items you order in a timely fashion.

Our "Ready Time" feature will allow you to stay on top of products that are usually in stock, products that are never in stock but can be ordered and in the store with 5-7 business days and product that we do carry, but are sold out of and will take approximately 10 days or more to get in stock.

1-3 days - we carry in store regularly (sometimes we may be out of stock and don't have time to change it online. A curtesy call will be made to inform you that the item may take a little longer then expected.

Approximately 5 days- We do not carry this item in-store, but will order and can have it in store within 5-7 business days then we can ship it to you.

Approximately 10days- we either cary this item by order only. Or we are just out of stock at the moment, but its on its way. It will take approximately 10 days or more to get to us, before we can ship it to you. !

Return & Exchange Policy

Cancellations of orders can be done up to 72 hours after the order has been placed at no additional cost. Any orders needing to be canceled after the 72 hour mark will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Refunds: All refunds caused by out of stock product will be issued by The Bead Store for no additional charge.

All Refunds at the Customers request (After the order has been charged) will be subject to a 20% restocking fee

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