Frequently asked questions

How Does The Online Store Work?

This online store hosts products that come directly form distributors and factories. We work much like a drop shipper in order to provide these prics. When an order is placed, we place the same order with our suppliers. The turn over time for most products is usually between 5-7 business days. Delays do happen frequently and can push orders out up to 2 weeks. We will try our best to keep you updated as to when your order will arrive.

When Will I Recieve My Order?

Wait times for items can vary. Average wait time to recieve an order is 2 weeks. We will be intouch to keep you updated as to what is going on with an order.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is based on length, width, height and weight of box. Amounts paid are the maximum you will have to pay. If the shipping amount paid does not reflect the true shipping amount, we will refund the difference. Additionally, if an order can fit into letter mail, we will refund the difference. Letter mail is a flat fee of $5.00

What Are Back-Ordered Items?

Sometimes when items are ordered, our supplier is out of stock. We will not find out exactly what is out of stock untill the delivery arrives. A phone call or E-mail will be made in order to tell you what is out of stock. You can choose if you would like us to wait and order again, or would like us to ship what is ready and refund the missing items. No fees will apply.

Where Is My Invoice From The Previouse Website?

Unfortunatley when we made this switch we could not get the invoices to show up by each customer. We have a record of them. Please e-mail info@thebeadstore.ca to obtain a copy.

Where can i pick up my orders?

TheBeadStore.ca and Bead Store are two seperte companies. Orders placed on Thebeadstore.ca can still be picked up at 150-495 36st N.E.
The online store DOES NOT HAVE a physical location. Many of the products found online can also be found in-store at Bead Store Calgary.